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Gail Runnels-LeFevre, BA, Book Editing and Proofreading Specialist

Senior Editorial Associate Gail Runnels LeFevreIn addition to a versatile education in music, science, and accounting, Gail has long-standing experience as a commercial proofreader and a freelance book editor. She is not only experienced at editing and proofreading several fiction and nonfiction genres, but she also writes and edits book proposals and does book layout and design. Among her subject areas of interest and expertise are autobiography and memoir, Christian fiction and nonfiction, ethnomusicology, literary fiction, music history and theory, natural history and animal behaviour, New Age fiction and nonfiction, popular science, romance genres, thriller genres, and YA fiction.

For several years Gail provided editorial services for Book Editors Canada and the literary consultancy HelpingYouGetPublished.com. She now has her own website, BookEdit.ca.


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