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Book Editors Canada professional editing and proofreadingManuscript Evaluation and Project Development

Book Editors Canada can review your first draft and produce a detailed report that identifies strengths of the project and, as needed, provides directions for further development. The report will articulate problems of style, structure, and concept, and give practical suggestions for resolving these issues. Having an initial evaluation (variously referred to as a review, critique, or assessment) of your project's first draft can save you editing time and costs.

Manuscript Formatting

Manuscripts and documents are formatted according to the requirements of each work, ensuring that each is properly formatted for its purpose and conforms to standard guidelines to facilitate subsequent layout and production. Formatting may include any or all of inserting or correcting front matter, headers and footers, page numbers, margins, headings and subheads, indentation, line spacing, and spacing between sentences.

Structural and Stylistic Editing

As needed in any given work, structural and stylistic editing may include any or all of reordering paragraphs; restructuring and/or reorganizing chapters, scenes, sections, and/or parts; rewriting or writing in to enhance logic, clarity, and/or flow; and editing to ensure the most appropriate style for the particular work.


Copyediting entails line-by-line editing to ensure consistency of usage and syntax and to correct or enhance the mechanics of language, including grammar, spelling, and punctuation.


Following design and layout, we can proofread your final proofs to maximize the correctness of the book or project to be published. We also use the term proofreading to include checking edited manuscripts and other projects to ensure correctness in the pre-layout stage and to enhance the professionalism of manuscripts to be submitted to agents and publishers.

Value-Added Editorial Services

We offer a range of skills and services that complement our editing and proofreading. These may include formatting for ebooks; query letter writing; and assistance with book publishing and promotion. Tell us your requirements and we will do our best to assist you.


We edit and proofread books and book manuscripts; book-length works, such as corporate and other major reports, theses, and dissertations; and additional projects that may be shorter than book length but require comparable editing expertise. Please feel free to contact us about your project and find out if we can be of assistance: info@BookEditors.ca

On screen for quality editing

Today's professional book editing is done on screen, on computer, using a digital file of the manuscript and editing software for markup, most commonly Microsoft Word Track Changes. Book Editors Canada is proud to be undertaking paperless editing, because this approach ensures clear, correct, and consistent editorial work. In the interest of professional best practice, we will not evaluate or edit manuscripts in hard copy.

Not sure about how to work with Track Changes? Your editor will be happy to assist you.

Editorial Fees

Depending on the nature, complexity, and difficulty of any particular manuscript evaluation or editing/proofreading service, the editorial rate generally ranges from two cents per word to ten cents per word. Based on the type of work requested, the fee may be estimated and charged on the clock or quoted as a fixed project fee, which is determined by using a standard editorial productivity rate calculation. Book Editors Canada will accommodate your preference and strive to provide the fairest fee quote possible for your particular project and needs.

Don't forget to tell us the genre and total word count of the manuscript, and please provide a sample: the first 5 to 10 pages, plus 5 to 10 pages from somewhere in the middle of the manuscript. Send the sample as a Microsoft Word file (*.doc, *.docx, or *.rtf) email attachment.


Email Book Editors Canada for a no-obligation fee quote . . .